Naturally, all beginners start by learning swimming techniques in the pool. Many lovers of a healthy lifestyle then prefer to train at sea because of the benefits and the pleasant scenery around. Many swimmers report a high risk of wounding when swimming in outdoor water and prefer to continue training in the pool. Let’s figure out together which type of exercise is more effective and beneficial for our bodies.

The Benefits of Swimming in the Pool

Swimming in the pool is an Olympic sport with many disciplines that have strict regulations and certain techniques. Exercises of this kind is suitable for both beginners and more experienced athletes of any age.

The main benefits of swimming indoor are:

Thus, we can conclude that practicing in the pool is safe and useful, but rather monotonous and requires careful and monotonous work on improving their skills.

Benefits of Open Water

The popularity of triathlon competitions testifies to the great popularity of swimming in the sea and other open waters, which are certainly more spectacular and beautiful.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of open water training:

Along with the positive aspects, sailing on the high seas has its drawbacks, such as a high level of risk due to undercurrents and the unpredictability of the elements. These features make such training inaccessible to children and unprepared swimmers.

Make Your Choice and Enjoy Swimming

If you are taking your first steps, then naturally you need to train in the pool. Such Trainings are suitable for those who lead a busy lifestyle and rarely get out into nature. Such workouts are suitable for children as well as the elderly. Swimming reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack, and other diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory systems, and joints.

If you are a more experienced swimmer who is looking for a thrill and who is already bored with the pool, then try the open sea and take part in a triathlon. Training on the high seas differs from the classical one and requires a competent distribution of strength and endurance. In addition, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and challenge the elements.