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Swim Smooth Squads

Designed and modeled after the Squads in Perth Australia and the proven method of Swim Smooth weekly training that produce the measurable results in your swimming over time. Monday – Technique session with drills that correct stroke flaws in your swim. Wednesday is CSS based endurance sets that masterfully build your swim fitness. Friday is open water skills that will instill confidence in your triathlon and open water swim. These squads are suitable for any swimmer who can swim 400m consecutively and wants to improve your triathlon and open water swimming. $129 per month 3x per week – 12-14 swim sessions.

Swim Squad Sessions

Technique Sessions

Technique Session is a great way to start your week. The emphasis is on a lot of drill and technique work with plenty of recovery and tips on how to refine your individual stroke. A common mistake many people make is to rush through the exercises to try to keep up with the others in the lane. Don’t! There is not need to do this. Take your time and focus on YOU! Leave the ego in the locker room and give your stroke the TLC it deserves.

Technical Endurance

The Technique Endurance Session is a great way to blend a bit of focus in the warm-up and build set to enhance your efficiency in the water, with a little bit of low-level endurance work, typically at CSS +3-6a/100m and over interval distances of 100-1000m. It’s not as challenging as the loner “Red Mist” Endurance Sessions, but is still a cracking little work out! Go easy on the rest in between each interval as we are building our cardio swim fitness> In Australia we just say sometimes you’ve just got to “suck it up Cupcake!” p>

CSS or the Fresh Fruity Sessions

Regarding becoming a better swimmer, your stroke technique is very important but so too is your fitness. Without a good level of swimming fitness you won’t be able to sustain your stroke technique over distance, leading to that horrible feeling of your stroke ‘falling apart’.
The key to developing fitness specific to swimming is to introduce the right sort of training so that you can simultaneously improve your stroke technique and fitness. The best way to do that is using something called Critical Swim Speed (CSS) training. Even if you are relatively new to swimming freestyle, don’t be afraid to introduce some CSS sets into your swimming routine, your swimming will come on leaps and bounds!
CSS training is Swim Smooth’s preferred form of fitness training set for distance swimmers and triathletes. It gives you the biggest bang for your training buck and also has a strong focus on developing your pacing skills – which are critical to swimming as fast and efficiently as possible.
Swimmers moving from conventional masters training to CSS sets normally see improvements in their distance performances after just a few weeks, which is very motivating in its own right.

Red Mist Sessions

RM’s are a great way to boost your specific endurance ability, and really suit anyone competing regularly in events of 1500m and above, or simply for sado-masochists who like a good solid work out!
A Red Mist session is a long, hard endurance session, but it will tap into a variety of energy systems from endurance up to and including threshold pace. Really the term “Red Mist” simply implies the feeling that you will get from performing one of these sessions as it’s very easy to lose control of your emotional state when working consistently hard over a long period of time and start to see “red”! As such, learning to control this is very much a part of the session.
This session was designed to replicate the sensation of completing an Ironman-distance type of event where a solid (but not super-fast) pace is maintained over a long distance, often with very little in the way of a proper warm-up.
Enjoy, you’re going to love them if you just give them a go!
Open Water Skill Sessions: are “everything you need to master open water” We know that open water swimming can be a daunting task if you’re entirely new to triathlon or open water swimming. Even if you’ve been swimming for a while and working on improving your performances in the open water, you’ll find these swims useful to practice old and develop some new skills to become a much more efficient open water swimmer, whether just for recreation or competition. Skills include, controlling anxiety, sighting and swimming straight, mass starts, drafting and pacing.

What We Believe

We believe that each swimmer is unique and an individual. The Swim Types coaching style recognizes that we are all build differently and come from different swim backgrounds. Therefore no cookie cutter or one size fits all programs here. Every drill, session and analysis has a specific purpose to improve your technique or build your specific swim fitness. No garbage workouts or fluff here. Just focuses driven and progressive training that produces measurable results.

Our Swim Types system allows our coaches to work out exactly what stroke technique suggestion and what training volume / frequency / intensity is right for you – not only that, we know how to communicate that with you better than any other swim coaching program you will find. In short, if you consider individuality important and like the notion that you will always be addressed by your own name not “you over there!” then you’re onto a winner with us!

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